Carfectionery is a brainchild of Ricky Odin, who registered the domain back in 2014.

The idea was put on hold until 2019 when one morning at 4am he awoke with his heart racing from excitement after working out an exciting new concept for Supra Noodles and scribbling it down onto a post-it note before going back to bed.

After some playing around with Photoshop,Β he realised that external help would be needed so LikeHell design came to their rescue and created Carfectionery's first design (which proved hugely popular).

Overwhelmed by the initial success and reception of this design, Ricky then went on to create more designs himself. Chuckling away in a shared office situated in Loughborough, design agency owner Ben Bradshaw (Defined creative) showed Ricky the ropes on Adobe Illustrator. This lead to the creation of the Rust Flakes design, which was widely received by the awesome MX5 community in the UK.

Being a massive WRX/Colin McRae fanboy as a child (and still is!) Ricky wanted to create a homage to the WRX. Accompanied by Stu of Beardyish design, sat in a Costa coffee somewhere in Leicester, Beardyish bought Rickys idea to life, which remains to be one of the best selling Carfectionery designs to date.