Our top five Christmas Gift ideas for Petrolheads

This time of year can be challenging to buy gifts for petrolheads, especially if you're not so seasoned yourself.
But fear not! The myriad of turtlewax, flash dash and lifetime supply hanging tree air fresheners from the previous Christmas will be a thing of the past, with our top five petrolhead gift picks.

1. Custom Keytags by Carfectionery

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Custom keytags are the perfect stocking filler for any petrolhead, you can choose your colour and text, and we'll make it and send it to you in time for Christmas!
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2. Holographic Stickers / Slap Stickers

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Slap stickers are oftentimes how a petrolhead would portray things relative to their car, tastes or driving styles. We stock a wide range of stickers, something for everyone, eye-catching and high quality.
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3. Petrolhead T-Shirts

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Step up your T-Shirt game this year, all Carfectionery T-Shirts are printed on high quality garments and feature exclusive designs, guaranteed to make them laugh on that special day.
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4. Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Inspired Cushion

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Some petrolheads tend to be more discreet, or prefer a clean look and prefer not to run stickers on their car - I present to you, our faux-suede heart cushions! Plushly filled and luxurious to the touch, these cushions make the perfect household addition for any car enthusiast!
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5. JDM License Plates

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The perfect wall decoration for avid sim racers, and car enthusiasts alike. These are 1:1 replica metal plates so they will also compliment any japanese car at car shows and the like.
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